Article: Betting in Cyprus – tips for beginners

After Cyprus became a member of the EU in 2004, much online gambling service providers and licensed bookmakers have started their activities in this country. At that time, national legislation did not regulate this industry, which created ambiguous conditions for the development of the gambling and live sports betting Cyprus industry. But already in 2012, a special Law on rates was adopted, which was supplemented in 2019. Now everyone will be able to place sports bets in Cyprus in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Basic terminology for beginners

Before placing bets in bookmakers, a novice player needs to learn a number of concepts, without which it will be difficult to understand the basics of sports betting.

  • The system is a collection of several express trains. A participant bets on many different games, if more than half of them win, then he will be in the “plus”.
  • Total is a bet not on the result of the match, but on a certain event in it, for example, the total number of goals scored, yellow cards, etc. There are three variants of the total bet: more, less and equal. In other words, the participant, depending on the coefficients, determines what is better to bet on in the bookmaker’s office – either both teams will score more goals than the number indicated in the line, or less, or maybe the exact number of goals.

Basic designations

To place a bet in a bookmaker’s office, you still need to know how to mark it correctly. In most offices, the results are marked as follows:

  • victory of the first team (hosts) – 1;
  • win of the second team (guests) – 2;
  • draw – X;
  • victory of the first team or a draw – 1X;
  • victory of the guests or draw – X2;
  • the bet on the game taking into account the advantage – F. Handicap is the win (positive) or loss (negative) of the team, expressed in the number of scored goals, pucks, sets played, etc., which the office provides to the bet participant. In simple words, after the result of the game, the participant adds the handicap specified in goals or points. If as a result the sum of the goals matches the bet, then he won.

A few rules for beginners

Before placing bets in a bookmaker office, it is recommended to set some rules for yourself.

Firstly, determine a strict limit on the amount of funds that you are not sorry to spend on bets. You should constantly monitor all events and be aware of all possible nuances regarding those games where you plan to make bets.

Do not forget to look at the statistics of teams or athletes, read articles about them, because the more information you know about the participants of the competition, the more knowledge you need to correctly predict the outcome of the match. The main thing for a beginner to remember is that you cannot always be 100% sure of the result. In addition, betting on the favorite will not earn you much, as it will always be given low odds.

Another reason why you should not bet on clear favorites: firstly, the coefficient is low, and secondly, the leader does not always win, he can draw and even lose. Therefore, experienced players recommend not to immediately place large bets on the favorite, because the loss may turn out to be too great.

It is recommended to play in large and well-known bookmakers. They value their reputation very much and will not disappear the next day, taking the players’ money with them. In this regard, remember, seeing high coefficients in little-known offices, that free cheese is only in the mousetrap.

Beginners should not immediately start with express bets, first you need to learn how to make and win simple bets on one event. If the player believes that he is ready to make a bet in the bookmaker’s office on several events (express), then it is recommended to first choose a small chain of events, no more than 2-3, with a coefficient not higher than 2.

Never follow your emotions. If all the bets are winning, that’s fine, you can continue to play, but if on the contrary – one bet didn’t win, then the second, you don’t need to lose your temper and continue, because in this case you can lose absolutely everything and never win back.

It is recommended to always stick to the chosen strategy – bet no more than a certain amount, increase the bet by so many percentages, play a certain number of times a week, etc. If the player starts to deviate from his own rules, it can end badly for him. No need to bet on your favorite athletes or your favorite teams. If you look at things realistically, they don’t always win, as a result you can lose your entire bank.

And the most important thing: it is impossible to allow “drawing” into the game, when it is already impossible to live even a day without a bet. This could end very badly. You must always remember your family and friends. When the first signs of psychological problems begin to appear, you need to find the strength and take a break, forget about betting for a while, distract yourself with something else.