Article: 10 Kpop Idols With The Busiest Schedule

The last few years have been exciting and challenging for Kpop idols because of the rising demands and fans. Many Kpop groups made a comeback and released new albums. These idols had a great year and worked very hard. The icons take care of their solo ventures with group promotions and performances. We merely see the perfect side of the kpop entertainment industry, which is full of fame. But idols work day and night to reach the top level. They perform, make music, practice, and work out. These idols deserve appreciation for the work they do despite their busy schedule.

1. Miyeon

Miyeon is a member of (G)I-DLE but is an active individual outside of the group. She hosted a radio show and the well-known M Countdown, accompanied by Kim Nam Su. She has lent her voice to the famous Kdrama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. It was her first solo song. She has also acted in Kdramas like Delivery and Replay: The Moment. She released her first single, My in, 2022. She is the brand ambassador of eSpoir, a luxury makeup brand. She had more than 200 schedules in 2022.


2. Solar

Solar is a member of MAMAMOO and released her first solo, Spit It Out, in 2020. She won the MTV Sbs award for her first-ever solo. She performed on M Countdown. She has been the face of brands like Lipton and Samsung. She is the tenth most popular female Kpop idol. She made her acting debut in 2022 by performing as Mata-Hari in the musical. She got appreciated for her top-notch skills. She is the leader of the sub-unit of MAMAMOO with Moonbyul. She was an integral part of MAMAMOO’s comeback Japanese album. She had more than 200 schedules in 2022, which is a lot.


3. Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun is a former member of Super Junior. He recently recorded tracks for the well-known Korean drama, Forecasting Love and Weather and Shooting Stars. He is also a radio show host and television host. He got spotted as one of the narrators in the famous Netflix dating shows Single’s Inferno. He has a spectacular acting career and performed in notable musicals like The Three Musketeers and Catch Me If You Can. He has hosted nine variety shows and judged the reality show, Sing Again 2 with Sunmi. He had a packed schedule with 256 arrangements.


4. Moonbyul

Moonbyul is a member of MAMAMOO. She released her first solo, Selfish, in 2018, featuring Seulgi of Red Velvet. She released 6equence in 2022, based on the six stages of a relationship and a representation of her opinions on sexuality. She held the solo concert for this album in 2022. Moonbyul performed her original rap song, On My Way, at the Golden Disk Award. She also promoted MAMAMOO’s comeback and her sub-unit with Solar. She got reported to have 276 in 2022.


5. Kikwang

Kikwang is a solo artist and released his first single, First Hero: A New Hero, in 2009. He also returned on the sets of High Kick! 2. He also hosted the radio show Lee Ki Kwang’s Gayo Plaza which he spoke to the actress of High Kick, Jin Jee Hee, who was a child actress when the first season got shot. She shared some onset secrets on the show. He also hosted the KCON Premiere in 2022. He was promoting his music and joined Highlight for the fanfare of their fourth album called After Sunset. They performed live after a hiatus of three years. They performed in the gymnasium of Jasmil for three nights. He had almost three hundred schedules in 2022.


6. Kun

Kun is a member of WayV and appeared on the Chinese show of tbs eFM called Akdong Soul in 2020. He became a permanent member, and he is also a disc jockey now. He is the producer of NCT U’s song, Rain Day. It is an SM program song. He was also present at SMTOWN LIVE with his group members. The show got placed in Japan and Korea in 2022. Kun was a host of a beauty show, Pink Festa, and the show got renewed. Kun got appointed as a regular guest in the show. It got reported that he had more than three hundred arrangements in 2022.


7. Shinwon

Shinwon appeared in the famous series Unicorn. He got appreciated by the fans for his acting skills. He hosted Night Radio, PENTAGON, by EBS Radio. PENTAGON released their mini album called In:vite U. Show on actively participated in the promotional activities with the group members. He also performed at live concerts. They held a live album listening party for their fans. They attended and performed at different music festivals. He got reported to have almost 358 schedules in 2022.


8. Wendy

Wendy is a member of Red Velvet. She hosts the famous radio show Youngstreet, and invites several well-known and talented guests on the show. She participated in Red Velvet promotional activities, award ceremonies, and festivals. They released Beautiful Christmas in collaboration with Aespa of SM Entertainment. She got reported for having more than three hundred arrangements in 2022.


9. Youngjae

Youngjae is a member of GOT7, and the group made its official comeback in 2022. He participated in offline concerts, fan meets, and the promotion of their comeback album. He released his mini album Sugar and held offline concerts for the same. He is also an ambassador of Esquire Korea and Covernat, a fashion brand. He acted in two well-known Korean dramas. He is a radio show host. He hosted a Youtube special series and was the mentor in the Thai auditions. He got reported to have more than four hundred schedules in 2022.


10. Minhyuk

Minhyuk has had a packed schedule because of his solo album release, and he performed it live in a solo show. He showcased his acting skills in the film called Urban Myths. He is a host of the famous Kiss The Radio. He is a member of the BTOB, and they released their album called, Be Together in 2022. They also reunited in 2023 to perform their album and celebrate their anniversary. He got reported to have five hundred individual arrangements.