Article: 10 Kpop Idols That Are All Rounders

Idols are known for their multi-talented personalities. They are good at everything and work hard to perfect their niche. They can sing, dance and rap. Some of these idols have abilities that would leave you shocked. These idols are best known for their vocals and visuals, but these are some talents that they have been hiding. An agency doesn’t train just anybody. But they saw potential in these idols, and they didn’t leave them disappointed. These idols have proved that nothing is impossible. They might not be good at singing or dancing, but they have earned the respect of their fans by working hard day and night. Idols are put in groups or hired by entertainment agencies mainly for their vocals and stage presence. But they have many other talents besides these.

1. Jungkook

Jungkook is the Golden Maknae of BTS. He can rap and dance and is an incredible vocalist. He was fourteen when he went to Los Angeles to learn dance because got told he had no feelings while dancing. He auditioned and became a trainee at BigHit Entertainment. He recently got appreciated for singing at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. It became the first-ever track to enter number one on the Billboard charts. He recently collaborated with an American music artist and producer, Charlie Puth his single Left and Right. They collaborated for the second time after their memorable performance at an award show.


2. Jennie

Jennie is a member of the girl group BLACKPINK. She is a vocalist, rapper, and dancer. Jennie wanted to become a ballet dancer when Jennie was a teenager. When she was fourteen, she moved to the United States for further studies. Jennie was studying to become a teacher or lawyer but didn’t find it intriguing. She moved back to Korea and auditioned for YG Entertainment. Jennie covered many famous raps. She also knows how to speak Japanese and French. She is the face of luxury brands like Chanel.


3. Joohoney

Joohoney is known as the best rapper in the Kpop industry. He is also known for his polished vocals as well. Joohoney’s interview in a Korean beauty magazine inspired people to take care of their skin and health and taught them some makeup hacks. He also actively takes part in community service. He will also make his official debut on Netflix. He is also a songwriter and producer. He can play drums and piano.


4. Taeyong

Taeyong is a vocalist, rapper, and dancer. He has good looks and talent, which is the perfect combination for becoming an idol. During his debut, the coach was in doubt if he would be able to catch up with other members and dance. He didn’t have any previous dancing training. The fans were surprised to see his smooth and killer moves. He is also a songwriter.


5. YoungK

YoungK is a vocalist and can play guitar. He moved to Toronto and studied there. Since the sixth grade, he didn’t live with his parents. He auditioned for JYP Entertainment and got selected. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business. He is a celebrated songwriter and has written many songs for Day6. He wrote the song, Shouldn’t Have, and it reached the top of the charts. It was the biggest hit and remained at the top for many months.


6. Han

Han Jisung can rap at the speed of light and is a spectacular vocalist. He is a fluent English speaker. He studied in Malaysia and promised his parents he would go to Malaysia if he failed the audition in Korea. He can imitate the cartoon character Doraemon’s voice. He is not only a talented singer but an artist. He can draw animated characters. He plays the guitar.


7. Seungyoon

Seungyoon is the main vocalist in the boy band WINNER. He has composed the title tracks for the boy band.  He gets admiration for his flawless dance moves. He also covers up for the members who are absent during the performances. He is intelligent and has an IQ score of 141. He was bullied in school and dropped out. He learned guitar and billiards. He had anxiety because of the incident in school. He took part in discussions about political affairs. He wanted to become a scientist or comic writer. He also wanted to play billiards professionally.


8. Cho Seungyoun

Seungyoun is well-known for being good at everything. He is a rapper, vocalist, and dancer. He moved to Brazil and played football professionally. He has also co-written the famous track, Recipe. He has composed and co-written songs in English. He is also a talented record producer. He is also the founder of an association of singers, M.O.L.A. He can play the guitar and piano. He is also a soccer player and knows kickboxing and martial arts.


9. Hyorin

Hyorin is known as one of the best vocalists in the Kpop industry. She was born prematurely, and her gallbladder got removed. She had many health issues, but it didn’t stop her. She auditioned for entertainment agencies and covered American songs. She is a great dancer and is also known for acting. She also actively encourages her fans to love their bodies and scars.


10. JB

JB is a vocalist, dancer, and producer. He also knows acting because he majored in film during his college time. He is fluent in Japanese. He knows how to play football and basketball. He is also good at playing the piano. He was a charming boy when he was young and participated in modeling contests. He is also a great cook and cooks omelets and kimchi. He is good at everything, and he is a well-deserving leader of Got7.