Article: 10 Korean Series To Binge-Watch This Winter

These series are shot in the cold winter weather and on snow-covered sets. The actors must have worked hard in the cold weather but watching them on the screen will make you feel warm. These romantic series will make you want to enjoy the winters. These are the series you must binge-watch if you like mystery and romance.

1. Lovestruck In The City

The series is about a successful architect trying to find a girl who met him on the beach and betrayed him. He wants to know the truth, but the girl lives two different lives this entire time.

2. Goblin

The story is about a goblin on a quest to find the bride who would end his discomfort by removing the sword stuck in his chest. He meets a student who can see ghosts, and the student's life changes after meeting the goblin.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The series is about a weightlifting champion and student who falls in love with her brother’s friend and swimmer. He also develops feelings for her, and they face different obstacles together to achieve their dreams.

4. A Korean Odyssey

The story is about a fictional world where evil exists everywhere. The leads must find a way to end the vicious cycle of these indescribable things.

5. While You Were Sleeping

The story is about a girl having the supernatural ability to foresee the death of people. She meets a prosecutor who has the same power. The duo figures out a way to save the lives of people.

6. That Winter The Wind Blows

The story is about an orphan conman who is heartbroken after the love of his life is lost. He meets a blind heiress and the two fall in love.

7. My Love From The Star

The series is about an alien left behind on this planet. The alien dislikes humans, but his views change after meeting a quirky actress.

 8. When The Weather Is Fine

The story is about a cellist who is visiting Korea and gets caught off guard when she meets a bookstore owner who happens to be her old classmate. The duo starts to get to know each other after the reunion.

9. Boys Over Flowers

The story is about a girl moving to a school full of rich and spoiled boys. She stands up against the bullies. She falls in love with an affluent boy.

10. Winter Sonata

The series is about a boy who transfers to a remote rural town and finds himself alienated. He meets a chirpy girl who helps him to be himself in the new school.