Article: 10 Korean Friends Turned Foes

There is something painfully fun about watching two adorable best friends somehow pulled apart. The friends become enemies when one gets betrayed by his friend or turns evil. Another popular trope is two friends rivalry over a woman or a talent they both possess. Love triangles are also trendy. Korean dramas are not all about romance but also present many tales of friendship. These tales of companies sometimes turn bitter when the friends fall apart. We bring you a list of Korean dramas with friends turned foes in them, but they do not lag in entertaining their audience.

10. Doctors

Yoo Hye-Jung and Jin Seo-Woo were best friends in high school. Seo Woo, the topper student, helped Hye Jung to study for the exams. Hye Jung ends up coming first in the class, beating her best friend. Seo Woo becomes insecure and jealous and spreads rumors about her best friend’s affair with the teacher.

9. Search: WWW

Bae Ta Mi and Song Ka Kyung built a web company together, but their friendship turns into competition when Bae Ta Mi joins another competitor web company. The drama revolves around three 21st-century women who win, lose and compete with each other to make things work in their profession.

8. Bridal Mask

Kimura Shunji and Lee Kang To were once close friends, but now they are love rivals and archnemesis. Bridal mask Lee Kang To gets captured and unmasked by Kimura Shunji. The Japanese detective is tasked to reveal the Korean rebel Bridal Mask. The drama is set in the Japanese colonial era.

7. Solomon’s Perjury

Ji Hoon and So Woo were friends but turned against each other. So Woo dies after falling from a building. Ji Hoon always felt guilty about So Woo’s death. The more we tell, the more we spoil this fabulous drama. Check out the drama to know what happens when the student-run their trial to find out the murderer.

6. School 2013

Nam Soon and Heung Soo’s cruel past caused the two best friends to turn against each other. Now, Heung Soo is a bully, and Nam Soon is his enemy who betrayed him and destroyed his life. The drama focuses on young people’s struggles and student-teacher relationships. Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin gave commendable performances.

5. Lie To Me

The female lead is a government employee who lies about her marriage to a rich man when she meets her old friend who stole her first love. So Ran marries Ah Jung’s former crush, and their friendship becomes tenuous. Ah Jung studied hard to pass the government exam to impress her first love.

4. 49 Days

The female lead Shin Ji Hyung is living a perfect life but meets an accident. Ji Hyung is offered a second chance by having three people cry for her. These people should not be blood relatives. This is when Ji Hyung discovers that her best friend is secretly dating her fiancee. The two even planned to ruin Ji Hyung’s family business.

3. Love Of Eve

The story of three women who are best friends, Song Ah and Sen Na were best friends since high school, Song Ah trusted Sen Na like a sister but Sen Na betrayed her. Because of her betrayal, Song Ah’s family falls apart. Song Ah then decides to take revenge on Sen Ah.

2. The Heirs

There are friends to enemies trope for Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in the legendary Korean drama ‘The Heirs.’ Kim Tan and Choi Young Do use to be friends in childhood, but becomes enemies due to some misunderstanding. The two boys fell in love with the same girl.

1. Dream High

Dream High is a music-oriented drama filled with K-pop stars in the cast. Hye Mi and Baek Hee are best friends, but because of Hye Mi’s stubborn character, she fails her audition, but her best friends succeed. The friendship between the two characters changes. Baek Hee, became the antagonist while Hye Mi is the protagonist.