Article: Top Ten Scariest Japanese Movies

When it comes to making scary films, Japan takes the lead. Japanese horror movies are known to be extremely scary hence it has a fan following. Japanese horror films incorporate brilliant storylines and psychological aspects of the behavior which provides the viewers to enjoy and understand the film while being empathetic to the storyline.  We have researched about ten scariest Japanese movies of all time so that you don't have to waste your time finding the perfect scary film to watch. These horror films are so scary that we advise you not to watch them alone if you are fainthearted.

1. The Ring 

The Ring is one of the scariest horror Japanese films of all time. The movie got released in 1998. This film has a cult fan following and the success of this film gave rise to the making of Many horror films. The story of the film involves a cursed videotape that is forbidden to watch and if watched causes Mysterious death, thus the investigation of the deaths and series of events is done. The film is rated 7.2/10 in IMDB.


2. Noroi: The Curse

The film, Noroi: The Curse got released in 2005. Upon its release, the film has received many praises for its brilliant narrative. The film follows the storyline of a paranormal activist gone missing while he was working on a paranormal documentary. This film is one of the scariest Japanese films. The film is regarded as one of the best documentary horror style genres.


3. Suicide Club 

Suicide Club is a Japanese film that got released in 2001. The horror thriller has found its cult following over the years. The storyline follows mass suicides and it's investigation. The film is especially creepy because there was actual mass teenage suicide the year before the making of the film.


4. Teke Teke 

Teke Teke is a Japanese horror film that got released in 2009. The film was directed by Kōji Shiraishi. The film has the plotline of a haunted railway station, by a legless woman. The film's title Teke Teke is itself a ghost of urban legends of Japan who lurks around the railway stations.


5. Tomie 

Tomie is a Japanese horror film franchise. It is based on a manga and also shares the same name as the manga. As of 2021, there are nine films in this horror film franchise. The first installment of the Franchise got released in 1998 while the latest one to be released was in 2011.


6. Tag

The Japanese horror film Tag got released in 2015. The film is directed by the celebrated Japanese director, Sion Sono. It is an action-horror genre film. This film especially is credited for the subtle feminist theme and is widely appreciated for its storyline and acting.


7. Onibaba

Onibaba is one of the most terrifying Japanese movies of all time. The film is such legendary that even after so many years of its release the film still manages to garn an audience for its terrifying storyline. The film got released in 1964. The film beautifully entangles the Japanese legends while maintaining the facts of the actual era with the storyline of the film.


8. Audition 

Audition is one of the most popular Japanese horrors of all time. The popularity of this film doesn't seem to die off soon, as the film is on the online streaming platform, Amazon Prime thus the popularity only increases. The film got released in 1999. The film has the storyline of a cryptic audition held for a widower by his friend, the actual horror begins when the girl, Asami gets selected in the audition.


9. Pulse 

Pulse is a horror-thriller Japanese film. The film got released in 2001. The plotline of this film involves the internet as the weapon of the ghost. The computer monitor becomes a breeding ground for spirits. This film has two parallel stories which are depicted simultaneously.


10. Cure

The last horror film to be featured in this list is the 1997 horror-thriller Cure. The film got great critical acclaim for its brilliant storytelling and direction. The film follows the plotline of a detective who becomes frustrated because of the repeated murders with the same pattern. This film also attempts to touch the psychological horror genre and successfully does so. This film is widely popular and appreciated across the world aspiring many thriller and horror films.