Article: Top Ten Japanese Actors In Negative Roles

Villains play a crucial role in any work of fiction. We wouldn't be able to perceive how unique the hero is without the villain; we wouldn't comprehend the risks and struggle that a society or individual is experiencing. We wouldn't have someone to hate and blame for all the issues. Here's a list of Japanese actors that performed antagonistic roles:

1. Suda Masaki 

Suda Masaki is the monarch of unaffected natural acting, the greatest of the best. His characters span from nefarious petty crooks to bashful, hesitant teenagers. But he is most known for the enthusiasm and raw energy he delivers to them.


2. Ayano Go 

Ayano Go is an extraordinary performer from Japan. You can't stop praising him even though he played negative roles. Seeing him portray a terrifying monster,  you're convinced every time. 


3. Yoshida Kotaro 

Yoshida Kotaro is a theatre veteran whose transition to television and film (after some calibration) resulted in several charismatic performances. While he is most known for playing larger-than-life villains, he excels in other roles.


4. Sometani Shota

Shota Sometani is a name that requires no introduction. He provides his mainstream characters much-needed complexity and subtlety as an art-house heavy-weight, lending dignity to even the most pitiful or powerless characters. His name is a quality stamp in general.


5. Yagira Yuuya

Another actor with a reputation in art-house movies is Yagira Yuuya. His strong performances in complicated characters have landed him several roles as villain and criminal.


6. Kohinata Fumiya

It's challenging to watch Japanese television without seeing Kohinata Fumiyo. He may require everywhere a powerful performance is required.


7. Hayashi Kento

Hayashi Kento is another actor that gets cast when excellent performance is required. With equal ease, he portrays a ruthless killer and a passionate lover (and occasionally at the same time). His supporters affectionately refer to him as the 'chihuahua' since he can never shake off his nervous jittering or intrinsic attractiveness. He can be highly frightening when playing savage villains. His expressive eyes and nuanced acting make him a perfect choice for suffering hopeless characters carried away by fate or characters whose love is unrequited.


8. Kamiki Ryunosuke

Kamiki Ryunosuke began acting at the age of two, making him a seasoned actor in Japan, where there is no formal acting training and performers to learn on the job. Kamiki, on the other hand, is rarely seen at art houses, and some are quick to discount his abilities. Nonetheless, his acting aptitude is evident, and he enhances several mainstream productions in which he appears. His twisted villains and hapless geeks are always memorable, and they're frequently the most significant part of the film.


9. Kutoba Masataka

Kubota Masataka had played the charming serial murderer or scary classmate that appeared on the shows. After demonstrating his superb acting in the roles of villains, action heroes, and sensitive disturbed teenagers, he finally received his well-deserved break. He's also a natural action star who can perform the leading man in a romantic comedy. He can handle anything you need him to do, whether mainstream or high drama.


10. Matsuyama Kenichi

Matsuyama Kenichi is a talented actor most known for his role as L in the live-action Death Note. His performances have garnered him a lot of praise in Japan.