Article: Top Ten Best Female Korean Dancers

As we all know that K-pop industry is full of talented people, whether it is actors or K-popidols. We k-pop fans always adore them and dream to dance like them. Even some dancers are not considered as the main dancers are often found to be incredible dancers compared to normal people. Before debuting in the K-pop industry, they have to go through rigorous training. Their training makes them professional artists and enhances their skills. So let’s take a look at the best and most skilled female Korean dancers.

1. Chungha

Chungha is one of the most appreciated dancers in the K-pop Industry. She started her dancing journey in 8th standard and ended up auditioning for JYP Entertainment. Soon she acquired the position of a trainee in JYP. Her career kicked off from a reality show, Produce 101, where people got to see her dancing skills. Whatever the steps or choreography Chungha dances very effortlessly.


2. Seulgi

Seulgi dances to all her soul and makes her every move fantastic. She is famously known for balancing dancing in both the cute and energetic or sexy style. She hits the list of one of the best dancers as she shows varieties of dancing  styles. People often say that she can be a professional dancer if she wants to.


3. Minzy

It is impossible when we talk about the best dancers and forget to include Minzy. Minzy was discovered by YG after being watched at a dancing contest. She was only in 5th grade when she was told to join the company. And she joined it in 6th standard. It is very delightful to watch Minzy dancing and her facial expression makes it more amazing. This is the real talent of a true artist.


4. Hyuna

Many of us don’t know that she wanted to become an actress, but she failed many auditions. After this, she decided to get into dance high school. People consider her asone of the strongest performers because she wins over the audience when she performs. With this, she also inspired so many upcoming artists to dream like her.


5. Lisa

Lisa is one of the best dancers belongs to the K-pop group BLACKPINK. Before joining BLACKPINK she was a member of a Thailand We Zaa Cool. Her work as a dancer has been identified after joining BLACKPINK. She has flexibility in her dance and performs with full swag, which makes her stand out among other dancers. There is no reason left to know why she is the most followed by female K-pop artist on YouTube.


6. Momo

It is strongly believed by the fans that Momo has phenomenal dancing skills. She got smooth and elegant moves because she has been learning dancing since the age of 3. She has got some nice moves and has been considered one of the best dancers in the K-pop industry. Not this only she can dance ballet and other multiple genres as well.


7. Boa

Boa is considered a veteran dancer and is also adored by her fans. She has done her training for a very long time that’s how she got the perfect dancing skills and also gives the distinct style of dancing. Whenever she performs on the stage, she sets it on fire.


8. Yeji

Yeji is appreciated not only for her dancing skills but for her unique looks also. Her dancing skills are praised by her fans and considered that she has enough dancing skills to be promoted as a solo act. While dancing she goes with the flow and rhythm. These are the details of her dancing which makes her more lovable.


9. Hyolyn

Being one of the best dancers of K-pop, she is considered the sexiest dancer. She rocks every dance move and choreography with her dancing and sexy outfits. It is very amazing to see her where she is now. She has learned so much from western music also. She has also worked with some Youtubers to improve herself and learn so many things.


10. Seungyeon

Seungyeon is the lead dancer of CLC. Her fans see her as the best dancer of this generation. She is a  natural dancer who learns all the choreography in her way. She has the perfect blend of beauty with skills that make her more adorable.