Article: Top 10 Haunted Places In Japan

Japan is said to be one of the most developed countries in the world. The country is full of traditions, cuisines, foods, and beauty, but like every country, it has its dark secrets. We are aware that spirits live among us that are both good and bad. Japan is known to have a lot of haunted places which are either known or not known to the world. These haunted places have creepy backstories, and there is proof. This country has spine-chilling urban legends and produces a lot of horror movies and series. Let us check out the top 10 haunted places in Japan.

10. Inunaki Tunnel

Inunaki Tunnel is a haunted place in Miyawaka town, which translates to howling dog tunnel. This tunnel is a famous horror spot where people have been killed or burnt. The tunnel was the setting for a new Japanese horror movie called Howling Village (2019). After that, the tunnel suddenly became a tourist hotspot, crowded even during the pandemic.

9. Round Schoolhouse Ruins

Yes, even schools in Japan are said to be spooky too. This school is in Higashibibaicho, Bibai, Hokkaido. Most of the children that went to the school were children of the coal miners that worked in the Mitsubishi coal mine nearby. No one knows what happened, but soon the school was abandoned and changed into a coal mine. There have been incidents when people ventured into the schoolhouse ruins but returned deranged, traumatized by what they saw inside the school. Some have never returned.

8. Oiran Buchi

This place is truly one of the scariest places in Japan.; run by women who were prostitutes and has a very dark tragedy. These brothels; were made for the miners who were mining gold in that region.

But after the Battle of Nagashino, these women were killed so they wouldn’t share information about the mines. Today many people have heard the screams and cries of these women.

7. Hiroshima – Haunted Peace Memorial

We all remember the tragic Hiroshima-Nagasaki incident in which the atomic bomb "Little Boy" destroyed the lives of around 140,000 people. Such events do leave dark impacts. Many believe that ghosts of people who died in the attack are still roaming inside the dome. Not only this but there have been numerous incidents of electronic voice phenomena where you can hear the atomic bomb exploding itself.

6. Sss Curve

This stretch of road is said to be spooky and is in Okinawa. Many Japanese soldiers have lost their lives. People feel dizzy and nauseous and faced paranormal activities in this place. Another scary experience shared; by visitors is that they have sensed someone’s hand on their body. Many paranormal investigators have visited this area to capture its phenomena.

5. Okiku’s Well

The haunting of Okiku’s Well at Himeji Castle is one of Japan’s most famous ghost stories and is known as Nanshu Sara-Yashiki. This castle has a very intriguing tale of love and tragedy. The ghost of Okiku, a beautiful young girl, appears at night and screams. This young used to serve the Samurai Aoyama Tessan. She was thrown into the well because she didn’t accept the proposal of the samurai.

4. Camp Hansen

Japan has fought many wars; many people have been affected by it; similarly, even places are affected due to war. Camp Hansen is in Okinawa, a United States Marine corps base. People claim that a soldier appears in blood-stained clothes and asks for cigarettes. After this place, the place has been locked and now remains empty.

3. Nakagusuku Hotel

The Nakagusuku Hotel, also known as the royal hotel' is an unfinished, abandoned hotel located in Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa, Japan.  Monks cursed the hotel because it was planned to be constructed; near a Buddhist temple. The slave workers; refused to finish the complex because they felt the place was cursed.  Once some businessman' tried to prove the place was not doomed by spending a night at the unfinished hotel, only to go completely mad the next day and was missing soon after.

2. Kiyotaki Tunnel

Before we dig into why this place is; haunted, we must know how this tunnel got constructed. The tunnel; 'is built by forced workers and finished in 1927. They worked in very harsh conditions and also died while working here. Some workers are even said to have been put to death nearby. The scariest part is that people have seen the ghost of these slave workers working inside the tunnel. The tunnel is 444 meters in length, and the shocking thing is that the number 4 is unlucky in Japan.

1. Aokigahara Forest – The Suicide Forest

Yes, you've heard it right, the first place which shows on our list is the famous Aokigahara Forest – The Suicide Forest. This place is now known to the world. It is an eerie, silent forest located on the northwestern flank of Mount Fuji on the island of Honshu in Japan. The forest has a haunting reputation because many people have committed suicide there. According to people, if someone enters here without proper guidance, they will never return. The government has placed all sorts of cards and information about suicide prevention.