Article: Top 10 Boxing Anime

Discover the top 10 boxing anime on this list. These action-packed shows showcase thrilling matches and the determination of aspiring fighters. Whether you're a fan of the sport or enjoy engaging storytelling, these boxing animes will keep you hooked as you root for your favorite characters in their quest for glory inside the ring.

1. Hajime No Ippo

Makunouchi Ippo is a high school student who spends most of his time helping his mother at their family business. He often gets bullied at school; one day he was saved from bullies by a boxer named Takamura. Ippo was inspired by Takamure, so he decided to become a boxer himself. Hence, Ippo embarks on the journey of becoming a boxer and finding purpose and direction in life.

2. Megalo Box

Junk Dog, an underground fighter, is forced to fight matches for money by his boss. However, things turned out differently when he was defeated by a champion named Yuri. Therefore, he was given the challenge to enter the tournament called Megalonia to fight Yuri again. He has three months to qualify and fight opponents to fight his ultimate rival.

3. Kengan Ashura

Kazuo Yamashita was hired as the manager of a gladiator by his company's chairman. He came to know that gladiators fight in Kengan matches to protect their company's rights. Yamashita is in charge of a mysterious fighter named Ohma Tokita. They both enter the "Kengan Zetsumei Tournament" to become the chairman of the Kengan Organization.

4. Levius

In post-war society, the world was undergoing recovery. Marital arts sports gained popularity during that time. These fighters can turn their blood into steam and transform into formidable killing machines. Among them is a young fighter named Levius, who is driven by the sole purpose of winning to survive. Set in the 19th century, this captivating story follows Levius as he navigates the brutal arena, determined to come out on top.

5. Baki The Grappler

Baki Hamana has been fighting and training since childhood and has learned different martial arts from his mother. His goal was to become stronger than his father, who was known as Orge and was considered the strongest person on earth. When Baki realizes he needs more than just her mother's training, he sets out on a journey on his own. He looks for strong challengers and becomes friends with them. As time passes, he makes himself ready to face his father in an epic showdown.

6. Rainbow

In the year 1955, seven teenagers were placed in the same reformatory called Shio. They learn to live together in a humiliating environment. Their days are spent hoping for a glimmer of light in this dark world of confinement. The story follows their lives as they navigate their time together and how they move forward once they leave the reformatory.

7. Ring Ni Kakero

To honor their late father's wishes, Takane Kiku and Takane Ryuji aim to become boxing champions. Kiku becomes a trainer, and Ryuji focuses on improving his skills. Through numerous battles with rivals, Ryuji grows and matures. As the junior high boxing tournament begins, Ryuji prepares to face his ultimate rival, Kenzaki Jun. The intense battle between them unfolds.

8. Slow Step

It is a triangle romance story about a Minatsu girl who loves softball, Shu Akiba, a fellow schoolmate, and Naoto Kadomatsu, a promising boxer. Minatsu disguises herself as Maria. The love triangle becomes complex when Naoto loves Maria, who is Minatsu. This creates a three-and-a-half-way relationship dynamic within the story.

9. Nozomi Witches

The story follows Nozomi and Ryoutaro, two new students who happen to live side by side in a small town. When Nozomi realizes Ryoutaro's extraordinary reflexes and keen eyesight, she persuades him to join the boxing club, driven by her dream of seeing her brother represent Japan in the Barcelona Olympics. The story follows Ryoutaro's journey as he strives to fulfill Nozomi's dream by pursuing boxing and overcoming various challenges along the way.

10. Ganbare Genki

Genki, who lost his mother at birth, was raised by his father, who was a professional boxer. He dreamed of becoming a boxer like his father. But after his dad died, he was taken in with his grandparents, who do not support him in boxing. However, he was determined, so he trained secretly. Along his journey, he encountered different individuals, such as Teacher Ashikiwa, who reminded him of his mother, and Mishima, a high school boxing champion. With their support, Genki worked hard to pursue his dream of becoming a boxer.