Article: Top Ten Chinese Stars To Follow On Instagram

People are continuously trying to gain more followers on Instagram. When it comes to increasing followers, the follow-unfollow method is one of the most effective, but it takes a lot of time, which is why individuals hire bots to do the work for them. Users target followers of similar accounts while putting up Instagram bots because many people want to be like celebrities. Therefore, they target their followers. Take a look at these Instagram accounts of fascinating Chinese celebrities.

1. Fan Bingbing

Despite her hectic schedule, the famous actress has time to interact with her nearly 4 million Instagram fans. Her Insta page features a variety of posters, magazine images, and glamorous photos with her celebrity acquaintances. Bingbing is 37-year-old. She revealed two fresh-faced ones in February.


2. Z Tao

Over 11 million fans of the Negotiator actor are eager to discover more about him behind the scenes. Z.Tao, 25, bombards them with selfies, personal images of his favourite items, and promotional material for his acting and musical endeavours.


3. Liu Yifei

While we wait for her to make her Disney debut as Mulan early next year, we must keep up with her social media. She is a well-liked celebrity in China, with around 700,000 Instagram followers. Though she hasn't been active in a few months, Liu Yifei, 31, checks in with candid images that she knows her followers would enjoy.


4. Kris Wu

The 28-year-old actor and musician keep in touch with his more than 7 million followers regularly. He dedicates his Instagram account to marketing his music in China and the United States. Famous worldwide brands such as Louis Vuitton also featured in So Young 2: Never Gone.


5. Liu Wen

In the cute 2015 dating series, We Are in Love, who didn't fall in love with her? The now 31-year-old model maintains regular contact with her over 5 million Instagram followers. Her Facebook is full of elegant business pics as well as informal shots. Liu Wen appears to like travelling and sharing her experiences with her admirers.


6. Jackson Wang

 After starting with the K-Pop group GOT7 in 2014, the 25-year-old recording artist is swiftly built a name for himself at home. He enjoys keeping his 26 million Instagram fans up to date on his latest music releases and international excursions. He's currently promoting his new track, "Oxygen."


7. Ming Xi

The iconic model is well-known in the United States, Germany, England, Sweden, China, and other countries. Ming Xi, 30, keeps her over 1 million Instagram fans up to date on her fashionably successful career by posting photographs of herself in the latest looks.


8. Lay Zhang

On Instagram, the 27-year-old actor and musician have over 13 million followers who watch his every move. The 'To Be a Better Man' actor touts himself as a music producer, singer, dancer, and actor in addition to his career-focused photographs.


9. Angelababy

The actress from the film 'The General' has a lot of friendly selfies as well as some career-related photographs on her profile. Her Instagram activities have enthralled her with more than 8 million followers.


10. Luhan

Although the Sweet Combat star hasn't updated his Instagram since late February, he still has over 12 million followers. Luhan, 28, isn't hesitant to publish behind-the-scenes shots of himself as well as photos from his upbringing.