Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars And Their Love Story

It's no surprise that many on-screen couples, like Brad and Angelina, discover real-life chemistry while working on their projects (although we all know how that one turned out) and some amazing love stories of celebrity couples. Fans can't help but be ecstatic to find that their favourite love stories have also become fact.

1. Fan Bingbing And Li Chen

In 2014 and 2015, the couple met while filming the TV series The Empress of China, which was produced by Fan Bingbing and featured her as the female heroine. The power couple drew a rush of media attention as two of the most high-profile and bankable Chinese celebrities at the time, with netizens looking into practically every element of their relationship. When Li proposed to Fan in 2017, the excitement became even more.


2. Liu Shishi And Nicky Wu

In 2011, Liu Shishi And Nicky Wu, or Nicholas Wu Qilong, met on the set of the time-traveling TV series Scarlet Heart. Their feelings for each other in the face of difficult circumstances melted fans' heartstrings on camera; in real life, despite their 17-year age gap, the pair fell in love and officially recognized their romance following the film.


3. Tiffany Tang And Luo Jin

After appearing in five dramas together, including Diamond Lover, Tiffany Tang And Luo Jin became excellent friends and then lovers (2015). The pair married in a beautiful, low-key wedding in Vienna, Austria in 2018 following a two-year engagement — but it was said to be longer. The couple welcomed a daughter in late 2019 and were said to be overjoyed.


4. Gao Yuanyuan And Mark Chao

Caught in the Web (2012), directed by acclaimed Chinese director Chen Kaige, starred Gao Yuanyuan as terminally ill Ye Lanqiu, who goes through a series of terrible occurrences and relies on the goodwill of Yang Shoucheng – portrayed by Chao – to get by in her final days. Despite the fact that the couple did not have a happy ending in the film, they married in real life in 2014.


5. Michelle Chen And Chen Xiao

In 2014, the couple met on the set of the wuxia series The Romance of the Condor Heroes, where Michelle Chen played Xiaolongnü and Chen Xiao played Yang Guo. Yang is smitten with Xiaolongnü in the play. The couple then took their IRL relationship to the next level after the project, and their romance culminated in a wedding in 2016.


6. Wallace Huo And Ruby Lin

The lifely and happy best-friends-turned-lovers scenario is common in dramaland, and it perfectly describes Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo's relationship. They met on the production of the 2006 romantic drama "Sound of Colors" and became fast friends, lasting almost ten years.


7. Zhao Li Ying And Feng Shao Feng

Zhao Li Ying And Feng Shao Feng are the final "reel to real" couple on our list. In comparison to the other couples, this couple has been more private. After working together in the fantasy film "The Monkey King 3," Zhao Li Ying And Feng Shao Feng ignited relationship rumours in 2017. The couple was photographed going on dates and wearing matching couple attire on multiple occasions.


8. Barbie Hsu And Wang Xiaofei

Barbie Hsu, best known for her role as Dong Shancai in the blockbuster romcom television series Meteor Garden in 2001, married millionaire Wang Xiaofei, heir to the Chinese South Beauty restaurant chain, after only four dates and 49 days. Despite this, the pair remained committed to each other, and Hsu's supporters hoped for a happy-ever-after once they had two children. However, after a decade of marriage, the couple announced their divorce in early November.


9. Liang Jie And Purba Rgyal

Liang Jie became well-known after her appearance in the popular television series The Eternal Love. Purba Rgyal, a fellow actress, and she announced their relationship in 2017, and Rgyal proposed in 2018. Rgyal, also known as Pubajia, is a Tibetan actor who earned accolades for his work in the 2006 film Prince of the Himalayas at international film festivals in Los Angeles and Monaco. Unfortunately, the couple never made it to the altar, breaking up this year after only three years together.


10. Sun Li And Deng Chao

The dating history of Sun Li and Deng Chao is unknown, but they were first seen together in 2006 after starring in the play Sweet Honey. They married on June 7th, 2011, after officially tying the knot in 2010. They have a daughter named Petals and a boy named Deng Deng Deng. The couple is known for publicly expressing their love in funny and adorable ways on Weibo, as well as posting images of their children. Sun revealed in an interview that Deng was the one who assisted her in repairing her ties with her estranged father.