Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrities Who Married Foreigners

The Chinese entertainment world is proliferating, their movies and shows are getting reorganized from every corner of the world and some of their dramas are trending. Actors and actresses are also getting a lot of praise and love from the audiences for their performance. The personal life and professional life of a person goes on simultaneously, which usually remains a secret from the outer world. But some celebrities declare their happy moments with the world and share their happiness with their fans. Marriage and relationships are two such news. Here is a list of some of your favourite Chinese celebrities who married foreigners and proved that love has no boundary:

1. Yuan Li

Yuan Li is a 1973 born Chinese actress who has won a lot of awards for her tremendous supporting roles in different movies and shows. She is addressed as ‘China’s Mother Teresa’. She married a Canada based businessman, Blaine Grunewald in the year 2011. The couple is happily married together.


2. Gigi Leung

Born in Hongkong, Gigi Leung is a singer and actress by profession; she was born in the year 1976 and married Sergio Crespo Gutes, a Spain-based food executive in the year 2011. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Sofia Crespo Leung.


3. Karen Mok

Karen Mok is a Hongkong-based pop singer and actress who has a successful career spanning over three decades. This 1970 born actress married Johannes Natterer, a German-based finance executive, in the year 2011. Some of her excellent albums are Departures, Without you, etc.


4. Stefanie Sun

Sun Yanzi or Stefanie Sun is a trendy Asian singer and songwriter who debuted in the year 2000. She married a Dutch-Indonesian business person named Nadim Van Der Ros in the year 2011. The couple is now parents to two beautiful children.


5. Ma Yashu

This 1977 born actress is admired widely for her role in a TV series called ‘Journey to the West’ and is a fan favourite since then. Yashu married an Australian businessman named James Robert Hayes in 2010 and the couple is happy together.


6. Coco Lee

Coco Lee is a superbly talented person who is a singer, dancer, songwriter, record producer and actress. Born in the year 1975, she married a Canadian businessman named Bruce Rockowitz, who is the chairman of Rock Media International in the year 2011.


7. Kelly Lin

Born in the year 1975, Kelly Lin is a popular actress, who has worked mainly in the Hongkong film industry. Some of her incredible works are ‘The Conmen in Vegas’, ‘The Legend of Speed’, etc. She married Chris Young, a New Zealand-based Chief transformation officer, in the year 2011.


8. Dickson Poon

Dickson Poon is a Chinese businessman who deals mainly in luxury goods on the retail level. He even has a law school in his name in England. He was born in 1956 and married a Malaysia-born actress in 1988, but the couple separated in 1991.


9. Yoyo Ma

Yoyo Ma is a 1955 born cellist who is now basically settled in the US. People are crazy for the way he plays. Some of his incredible songs are Nickel Creek, Edouard Lalo and many more. He married an America based art consultant, Jill Hornor in 1978. The couple is happily married.


10. Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai is a restaurateur, celebrity chef and television personality. He was born in 1964 and completed his education in the US. He married an American woman named Polly Tsai in the year 1996. The couple is happily married together with two kids.