Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrities Who Got Injured During Filming

Acting may appear to be a safe profession, but it may be hazardous at times. Here are ten examples of actors being wounded on the set of a film. However, when executing stunts and staged combat sequences, any actor risks breaking bones or receiving a concussion. Here are several Chinese celebrities who almost died while shooting.

1. Andy Lau

Andy Lau, one of China's most popular actors and singers, had a pelvic injury while filming a commercial. According to a spokeswoman from the 55-year-old actor's Topman Global organization, On January 17, 2017, Mr. Andy Lau was filming a commercial in Thailand when he had a minor mishap and fell from a horse, resulting in a pelvic laceration.


2. Raymond Lam

HONG KONG star Raymond Lam is presently on leave after allegedly injuring himself while filming an action sequence in China, according to Sin Chew Daily. The 40-year-old actor is claimed to have suffered a shoulder injury while filming The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, the newest cinematic version of one of Louis Cha's most famous martial arts books.


3. Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun Fat, a veteran Hong Kong actor, was recently hailed for his dedication after continuing to make a film while being wounded. Chow was injured by a hair spray thrown by actor Kenny Wong in the scene. After the accident, his left brow began to bleed, but he continued to act as if it were part of the script.


4. Jackie Chan

A behind-the-scenes film of the event, which illustrates what happened during those terrifying seconds, was also published alongside the interview. In the video, Jackie is riding a jet ski with his co-star, Chinese actress Miya Muqi, when the vehicle collides with a rock and flips over, propelling both actors into the water.


5. Miya Muqi

Together with the interview, a behind-the-scenes video of the event was published, showing what occurred during those terrifying minutes. In the video, Jackie is on a jet ski with his co-star, Chinese actress Miya Muqi, when the vehicle collides with a rock and flips over, propelling both actors into the ocean.


6. Angelababy

According to the Sina Entertainment website, Chinese actress, Angelababy damaged her finger while filming the variety program Keep Running. Angelababy is presently filming the program in Anshan, Liaoning Province, China. Netizens observed her visiting a nearby hospital, sporting a silver jacket with her name on it and accompanied by crew members.


7. Leo Wu

Leo Wu Lei, a Chinese actor, is alleged to have suffered a burn injury on his face during filming, forcing the production to come to a halt. Given that the 21-year-old actor is filming both Love Like the Galaxy and another movie at the same time, fans were unable to speculate on which set caused his injury.


8. Luo Yunxi

Luo Yunxi was hurt while filming and was pictured leaving the set in a wheelchair. Fans were up in arms. Yunxi, who is now filming the modern drama Light Chaser Rescue alongside Janice Wu Qian, suffered a leg injury after sliding on the damp ground while filming a rainy rescue scene in the highlands. Despite the agony, the tenacious actor battled to finish his role to prevent delaying the filming process.


9. Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi had a leg injury during filming the Wia film, and the set was carried out by a wheelchair-bound helper. He was adamant about shooting and was focused.


10. Yang Yang

According to Sohu, Director Zhang Li discussed the production delay during an interview, claiming that Yang Yang had hurt his ear but continued filming until the wound became infected.