Article: Top 10 All-Rounder Actors Of China

Some actors have made their mark in their careers. However, the talent they possess extends well beyond their professions. Throughout the years, some incredibly talented actors have captivated us with their diverse acting abilities. We have seen so many celebrities who have achieved success in other fields and have also impressed us. It's also worth noting that some of them don't limit themselves to acting alone but also possess many skills.

There are always other hobbies and desires you can follow besides one. Here are the Top 10 Multitalented Actors of China who have proven it.

1. Xiao Zhan 

Chinese singer and actor Xiao Zhan is also known as Sean Xia. Zhan is a member of the group X NINE. Before his debut, he had also worked as a graphic designer and photographer.  Xiao Zhan started his career in the entertainment industry by participating in X-Fire, a survival show for idols. He became part of the Chinese boy band X Nine. He began acting in 2016, and he has since gained public attention for his roles in dramas such as Douluo Continent (2021), The Untamed (2019), The Wolf (2020), and Joy of Life (2019), as well as winning several awards and nominations.


2. Zhang Xincheng 

Zhang Xincheng (a.k.a Steven Zhang) is a Chinese actor and model. Xincheng acted in his first TV drama, Love Shuttle Millennium, in 2016. Over the following years, he appeared in several campus romance dramas, including My Huckleberry Friends (2018) as Lin Yang and Young Blood (2019) as Yuan Zhong Xin. In 2020, he performed the role of a collegiate ice hockey player in the sports romance Skate Into Love. The popularity of this character has made Zhang one of Weibo's top three school hunk figures, as voted by netizens. The actor won several awards and honors in 2020 for his role in the family drama Go Ahead. He has also appeared in many magazines as a model.


3. Lin Yi 

Lin Yi is a Chinese actor and model. Studying Ballroom Dance at Beijing Sports University, he is currently a student. A Tangren Media Co. Ltd. representative noticed Lin Yi in his first year and signed him to the company. Since then, Yi has taken professional training in dance and performance abroad. During the 6th championship of Crazy Wardrobe on Youku, he received 41 votes and won the contest. Lin Yi's big-screen acting debut came in December 2017 with Hope Island alongside Andy Garcia and Duan Yihong. During 2019, Lin gained increased attention and popularity as Gu Weiyi in Put Your Head on My Shoulder, a romantic comedy web drama.

His popularity in China and overseas increased as a result of his role as Gu Weiyi. Lin Yi starred in the fantasy historical television series Ling Long and the romance television series Love Scenery.


4. Cheng Yi 

Cheng Yi is a Chinese actor and singer. In 2011, Cheng made his television debut on the Chinese television series Beauty World while still in college. The year after, Cheng Yi graduated from university and made his film debut in Haunting Love. As an actor, he became more popular in China after he had appeared in the famous television show Noble Aspirations in 2016. Cheng Yi also made his solo music debut in 2017 with the single Goodbye to the Past. Since then, two additional songs had released, the first of which is entitled Living like Raging Wave for The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note and the second entitled Guard for Love and Redemption.


5. Li Yifeng 

Li Yifeng (a.k.a Evan Li) is a Chinese actor and singer. After taking part in 2007 My Hero competition, he rose to fame. In the same year, he made his debut as a singer with the album Four Leaf Clover. His career focus gradually shifted to acting since 2009. He made his acting debut with The Prince of Tennis 2 in 2009, an adaptation of the Japanese animation The Prince of Tennis. Aside from his appearances in the television series Swords of Legends (2014), Sparrow (2016), and Noble Aspirations (2016), he is also known for his role in the film Mr. Six (2015). His recent drama appearances include Time Pass by Suddenly (2019), Fearless Whispers (2020), and Wait in Beijing (2019).


6. Lu Han

Lu Han, better known as Luhan, is a Chinese actor and singer. He was a member of the Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-M. He left the group in 2014. In recent years, Luhan's solo career in China has exploded. He has been active as a celebrity, appearing in several advertisements and projects, along with his face adorning millions of billboards all over China. Among Lu Han's acclaimed roles are those in the films 20 Once Again (2015) as Xiang Qian Jin, The Witness (2015) as Lin Chong, and Time Raiders (2016) as Wu Xie. In 2017, he appeared on television in Fighter of the Destiny; in 2018, he appeared in Sweet Combat. Since 2018, he has emerged as a Chinese celebrity all-rounder under his own company, LuHan Studio.


7. Wang Yibo

The Chinese actor, professional motorcycle racer, rapper, dancer, television host, singer, and rapper Wang Yibo is known for his multifaceted talents. Yibo is one of the most popular actors in China. In 2014, he debuted in the entertainment industry as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band Uniq. Besides dancing, he was also a rapper in the group. Wang debuted as an actor in the film MBA Partners. In 2016, Yibo became the host of the variety show Day Day Up. In addition, in 2018, Yibo served as a dance mentor on Produce 101 also a team captain on Street Dance of China 3, which impacted audiences with his distinctive dance style. Wang gained worldwide recognition and fame for his role in the 2019 drama The Untamed. The same year, he competed as a professional racer for the Yamaha China Racing Team, participating in the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC), winning second place in the mixed competition and first in the rookie division.


8. Luo Yunxi 

Luo Yunxi (a.k.a Lei Luo) is a Chinese actor, dancer, and singer. He graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy with a degree in ballet. Luo later began teaching dance at Macau Conservatory. Yunxi first emerged on the music scene with JBOY3, a boy band that released three singles over a year. Upon separation from JBOY3, Leo formed a Chinese duo with singer and actor Jason Fu called Double JL. This experience led him to several nominations and awards, which eased his transition into acting. Luo gained fame in 2015 for his role in the top-rated romantic drama My Sunshine. The fantasy romance drama Ashes of Love marked his career breakthrough. Luo grasped up with the wuxia romance drama, And The Winner Is Love (2020) as Yu Chu Zhi, and the modern office romance drama Love Is Sweet (2020) as Yuan Shuai. Throughout his career in dance, singing, and acting, Leo Luo has been nominated and has won several awards.


9. Huang Zi Tao

Huang Zi Tao, better known as Z. Tao, is a Chinese actor, model, and singer-songwriter. EXO-M, the Chinese sub-unit of EXO, is where he made his debut. Upon leaving EXO in 2015, Tao made his debut as an actor and a solo artist later the same year. He released a digital EP titled TAO as his solo debut. As well as being an experienced musician, Huang is also an accomplished songwriter. He made his film debut in the romance film You Are My Sunshine. He has since emerged in a host of variety shows and increased plenty of films and television dramas, such as the moving historical drama Yan Shi Fan, The Brightest Star in the Sky, which garnered him even more fame. Huang founded his L.TAO Entertainment agency on July 17, 2018. Apart from managing Huang's work, L.TAO has also signed other artists. He has expanded his business further by opening restaurants, architecture, and design companies. Huang had also won the All-Round Artist award at the 17th Top Chinese Music Awards in April 2017.


10. Lay Zhang

Chinese actor, dancer, rapper, writer, singer, director, record producer, and publicity ambassador for the Communist Youth League of China, Zhang Yixing, professionally known as Lay Zhang, is also known as Lay. He became well known after taking part in the Chinese television talent show Star Academy in 2005. His K-pop debut came in 2012 with the boy band Exo and its Chinese subgroup Exo-M under the SM Entertainment banner. Zhang debuted on Chinese television with the series To Be A Better Man in May 2016, which enjoyed high ratings throughout its run. The release of What U Need? on Zhang's birthday in October 2016 marked the start of his solo career as a solo singer.

Billboard's World Digital Songs and China V Chart both ranked the song at number four. Among his most notable roles as an actor are Ex-Files 2 (2015) as Li Xiang He, Kung Fu Yoga (2017) as Xiao Guang, The Island (2018) as Xiao Xing, and The Golden Eyes (2019) as Zhuang Rui.