Article: 10 Chinese Dramas About Bullying

Bullying is a grave issue among teenagers, and Chinese dramas use the medium of drama to raise awareness. These dramas increase attention toward mental health among students. These dramas accentuate the importance of checking on your children and not pushing them beyond their limits.

1. Meteor Garden

The series is about a girl without an affluent family background transferring to a school with wealthy students. She gets bullied and is about to give up when she receives help from one of them.

2. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

The series is about a milk delivery girl who gets hired by a ruthless Prince. The girl gets bullied by his classmates for being different.

3. When We Were Young

The story is about a girl who gets badly injured in a lab accident. She is not able to compete in the race. The wrongdoer has also dethroned her from the position of class president.

4. My Girl

The series is about a girl involved in a tragic accident and left with scars on her face. She gets bullied for her imperfections. She later starts her makeup line and becomes successful.

5. Love The Way You Are

The series is about a girl who is body-shamed and dates a popular boy in school. They have been apart from each other. The girl has become a model, and they reunite.

6. Somewhere Only We Know

The series is about a third-year English student who gets caught by a Ph.D. student cheating. The Ph.D. student becomes his Russian teacher later. They both start on the wrong foot but get along.

7. In Your Heart

The series is about two boys with broken families finding peace in each other’s company. They are going through the early stages of puberty and realize that what they have is more than friendship.

8. Under The Skin

The story is about a painter who gets asked to draw a child and what he would look when he grows up. It led to the detective getting murdered. He wanted to enter the public security team, but the leader was furious over his mistake.

9. Love In Flames Of War

The series is about the civil war in China. A boy who is growing fast in this era bullies a girl. He learns that the girl is strong and falls in love with her. He leaves for military training later.

10. Lookism

The series is about a boy bullied for his appearance. But things change when he finds out that he can swap his body. He sleeps as an ugly boy and wakes up with a charming body.