Article: 10 Chinese Actors Who Look Amazing In Long Hair

Here is a list of 10 Chinese actors who can pull off long hair effortlessly.

1. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo is a singer, rapper, professional motorcycle racer, and actor. He is currently signed under Yuehua Entertainment. He made his idol debut in 2014 as the visual, main rapper, dancer, and maknae of the South Korean- Chinese boy group, 'UNIQ'. Since UNIQ’s hiatus, Yibo has shifted his focus onto his solo activities in China. He made his acting debut with the release of the film “MBA Partners”. He has been a regular cast and host on the hit variety show “Day Day Up” since 2016. Yibo bagged his first lead role in 2017 in the series “Private Shushan Gakuen”. In 2019, Yibo was cast as one of the main leads in the historical drama “The Untamed”. This had greatly influenced Wang Yibo’s growth and had catapulted him into greater stardom on an international level.


2. Miles Wei

Miles Wei is an actor, singer, and model. He has actively been a part of the music industry since 2012 and a part of the television and film industry since 2017. Miles made his musical debut in 2012 with the release of the single “But”. In 2017, Miles was cast as one of the main leads in the TV series “Love Nagging: Season 1”. This was Miles's first acting project. After that, he was cast in several different productions ranging across a broad horizon of genres.


3. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan is an actor, singer, and a member of the boy group ‘X NINE’. He is currently signed under Wajijiwa Entertainment. Xiao Zhan made his acting debut in 2019 with the web drama “Superstar Academy”. Before debuting as a member of X NINE, he worked as a graphic designer. Xiao Zhan was first introduced to the public as a contestant on the survival show “X-Fire” in the year 2015. In 2019, he was crowned as the ‘Weibo King Of The Year’ at the Weibo Awards Ceremony.


4. Gong Jun

Gong Jun is an actor and model. He finished his schooling at the Donghua University under the Performance Department. While he was a student, he had often modelled for various brands. Gong Jun began acting in the year 2015. His debut role was in the idol drama “Sword Chaos”. His fanbase and mainstream popularity grew further when he was cast in “Advance Bravely” and “Love Equations”, both in the year 2020. Gong Jun’s fame reached even greater heights with his casting in the wuxia drama “Word Of Honor”.


5. Li Daikun

Li Daikun is an actor. Daikun debuted at the age of 16 by participating in the recording of CCTV’s “Same Song” for the Olympic Special Program “Tian Sing” in the year 2008. Daikun had studie at the Communication University of China. In the year 2012, Daikun had been cast in the youth idol-based drama “Summer Run”. This was his official entry into the entertainment world, as well as his first onscreen work.


6. Luo Yunxi

Luo Yunxi is an actor and singer. He finished his schooling at the Shanghai Theatre Academy with a major in ballet. Yunxi had debuted with the male pop group JBOY3 in 2010, and his acting debut in 2015 with “My Sunshine”. Since then, Yunxi has been featured in several hit dramas, including “Ashes Of Love”, “And The Winner Is Love”, and “Princess Silver”.


7. Yang Yang

Yang Yang is an actor and model. Yang is an alumnus of the People’s Liberation Army Arts College. He had also joined the Central Academy of Drama. Yang Yang made his debut as an actor at a very young age with the drama “The Dream Of Red Mansions”, in the year 2010. He began getting many offers and great appreciation for his acting skills following his performance in dramas such as “Melody Of Youth”, “The Most Tomb”, and “The Founding Of A Party”. In 2016, Yang Yang was cast as the male lead in the hit drama “Love O2O”. The drama was ranked as the highest-grossing drama in the year of its release and had also catapulted Yang Yang into the list of the most popular Chinese actors.


8. Chen Kun

Chen Kun is an actor, writer, and singer. He first gained recognition after being a part of “Love Story In Shanghai” and “The Story Of A Noble Family”. Chen Kun rose to international prominence after he starred in films “The Knot” in 2006 and “Painted Skin” in 2008. Thanks to his outstanding performance, he has been nominated on multiple occasions for the ‘Best Actor’ award and has also bagged quite a few of them. As an author, Chen Kun’s first book, “Suddenly Walked To Tibet”, was published in the year 2011. The book was a huge commercial success, and it made Chen Kun the first and also the only actor to appear in the ‘China’s Writers Rich List’.


9. Wang Haoxuan

Wang Haoxuan is an actor. He is an alumnus prestigious Beijing Film Academy, Performance Department. Haoxuan made his entry into the Chinese entertainment world in 2018, when he participated in “Youth In Your Name’. In the year 2019, the actor had been cast as a part of the hit wuxia drama “The Untamed”. Haoxuan had gained immense recognition for his role and had also won the ‘New Force Of The Year’ award to the 4th Golden Gudou Film and Television Festival.


10. Yan Yikuan

Yan Yikuan, formerly Yan Kuan, is a singer and actor. Yikuan is best known for his contributions to series such as “Taiji Prodigy”, The Last Princess”, “Mazu”, and “Treasure Raiders”. Yikuan had first gained attention when he was cast in the drama “Taiji Prodigy”, and gained even more attention following his work in “The Prince of Qin, Li Shimin”. His performance in the drama “All Men Are Brothers” and “The Glamorous Imperial Concubine” served as significant milestones in his career as an actor.