Article: 10 Actors Who Have Won The Hundred Flowers For Best Actor

The Hundred Flowers Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the Chinese entertainment industry. Here are 10 actors who have been the recipient of this award in the ‘Best Actor’ category.

1. Wu Jing

Wu Jing is a director, actor, and professional martial artist known for his work in movies like “Tai Chi Boxer”, “Wolf Warrior” and “The Battle At Lake Changjin”. Wu Jing’s movies often end up ranking as one of the highest-grossing movies in China and sometimes even in the world. Wu Jing made his debut in the 1996 film “Tai Chi Boxer” after being discovered by the    martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping. Wu Jing made his directorial debut in 2008, with the film “Legendary Assasin”. He hit another milestone in his career when he made his Hollywood debut in the film “The Mummy: Tomb  Of The Dragon Emperor”.


2. Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming is an actor, singer, and model. He is most commonly known for playing the lead role in the TV series “The Return Of The Condor Heros”. He graduated in 2000 from the Performance Institue of the prestigious Beijing Film Academy. Xiaoming first rose to prominence after being cast in “The Prince Of Han Dynasty”, as Emperor Wu of Han. In 2013, he attained mainstream popularity and widespread critical acclaim after starring in the film “American Dreams In China”.


3. Zhang Hanyu

Zhang Hanyu is an actor who had started his career providing Mandarin dub for popular films such as “The Lord Of The Drinks” trilogy, “Troy”, and “Shark Tale”. He bagged his first lead role in 2007 in the war-based film “Assembly”. His outstanding performance in the film catapulted him straight into stardom and placed him among the first-class Chinese film celebrities.


4. Chen Kun

Chen Kun, also known as Aloys Chen, is an actor and singer, who gained immense popularity for his work in the dramas “The Story Of A Noble Family”, and “Love Story In Shanghai”. He rose to international prominence with the films “Painted Skin” and “The Knot”. Chen Kun had begun singing as a soloist at nightclubs. He was highly recommended by his vocal trainer and mentor to join the China National Song and Dance Ensemble in 1995. Chen Kun is also a very passionate writer and has published multiple books, including some of which he co-authored. He released his first book in 2011 and was titled “Suddenly Walked To Tibet”.


5. Feng Shaofeng

Feng Shaofeng is currently one of the most famous and most well-known actors of his generation. He is widely known for keeping a perfect balance between commercial hits and artistic films. Feng made his acting debut in 1998. After he graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy in 2001, he worked as a television actor for about ten years. Shaofeng’s career finally started skyrocketing into widespread mainstream acclaim in 2011, when he was cast in the drama “Palace”.


6. Ge You

Ge You is an actor and probably one of the most well-known acting personalities in China. Ge You was the first Asia-based actor to win the ‘Best Actor Award’ at Cannes. At the age of 25, Ge You had joined the Art Troupe of the National Federation of Trade Unions. He was cast in the 1988 film, “The Troubleshooters”, adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Wang Shou. Ge has played over 20 different characters in his career and the most famous of these is his character from the 1993 film, “To Live”. The movie was adapted from the novel written by Yu Hua.


7. Wen Zhang

Wen Zhang is an actor who rose to fame sheet being cast in the 2007 television series "Struggle". “Struggle” was based on the popular novel by Shi Kang, and it helped propel Wen Zhang into stardom. His first lead role was in the 2010 film "Heaven". In the movie, he played the role of an autistic young man who was the happiest when he was swimming. His exceptional performance in the film helped him bag the 'Best Actor Award' at the 'China Movie Channel Media Awards'.


8. Zhao Benshan

Zhao Benshan is an actor, television director, comedian, and businessman. From 1990 all the way to 2011, he regularly appeared on CCTV New Year's Gala. His performance at the Gala won several hearts and made him a popular household name in China. Zhao Benshan is otherwise known for playing the lead role in the 2000 movie "Happy Times" and the 2007 movie "Getting Home". Some of his other memorable performances include "Fixing Up The House", "Bainian", and "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow".


9. Jiang Wen

Jiang Wen is a popular actor who has achieved box office and critical acclaim as the star of famous hits such as "Red Sorghum" and "Hibiscus Town". He graduated from the Chinese Academy of Drama in 1984 and immediately began working as a professional actor post his graduation. Jiang Wen debuted as a writer and as a director in 1994 with "In The Heat Of The Sun". He gained international prominence when he was cast as an assassin in the 2016 Hollywood movie "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story".


10. Lu Qi

Lu Qi is a Chinese actor. In the initial years of his youth, he had joined the People’s Liberation Army and later on began working as an actor in the Sichuan People’s Art Theatre. He recruited a student, Miu Xiaoquan. Lu Qi’s eye-catching performances have won him several ‘Best Actor’ awards at prestigious Chinese award shows such as ‘Hundred Flowers Awards’, ‘Golden Rooster Award’, and ‘Huabiao Awards’.