Anime Review: Tower Of God

Also Knowns As: Kami No Tou



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Tower of God revolves around a kid named Twenty-Fifth Bam. It is outstanding that in Korea, ‘Bam’ can signify ‘Night’ or ‘Chestnut’. He has consumed the more significant part of his time on earth caught underneath a tremendous and secretive Tower, with just his dear companion, Rachel, to stay with him. When Rachel makes a way to reach the Tower,Bum got crushed. Bam was in a period of  Thinking how to enter the tower. So it can be simply implied that he could go any heights just to meet his friend, Rachel.At the moment, when he enters the Tower, he meets the accomplices that will assist him to get the tower.

The Feel-Good Part

The setting of the anime is pretty bizarre. There are some unpredictable mysteries in the show.

The background music is pretty good, and it well fits with the characters of this show.

The Disappointing Factor

 There are some incoherent plots in this anime that makes people annoyed.

In-Depth Analysis

“The Tower” is a baffling design that is encased and has numerous remarkable conditions. It has saturated by a component called ‘Shinshu’, which has odd properties like enchantment in other comic universes. It has possessed by various intelligent species. Living on the highest levels is related to a higher status in the Tower and better everyday environments. This is because climb starting with one story then onto the next is just permitted by breezing through progressively troublesome assessments of solidarity, skill, and mind. Regulars are any people from the Outer Tower picked to climb the pinnacle in the Inner Tower. Previous Regulars who arrive at the highest point of the Tower are known as Rankers and are considerably more impressive than others. Rankers have frequently given something to do controlling the lower floors. The peak of the tower consisted of the “10 Great Families”, which structure the overseeing body of the Tower. A figure known as King Jahad is the central head of this body.

Each floor is made out of three layers: an outside Outer Tower which fills in as the local location, an Inner Tower where individuals are tried, and a Middle Area, which goes about as an organization connecting each floor. Inhabitants of each floor are allowed the opportunity to climb, given that they are considered “commendable” of doing as such by Headon, the First Floor’s Guardian and overseer of the Tower. Individuals like them are considered to be “Picked Regulars” in the Tower of God. The Tower is secured from the massive, incertitude “Outside” by a threatening and impenetrable entry system. Every so often, phenomenal individuals can open the entryways and enter the Tower. Such individuals are classified as “Irregulars” in the manhwa, and Twenty-Fifth Bam is one of them.

As per the creator, each floor is the size of the North American continent. Each floor frequently has its way of life, language, and administration frameworks, and it isn’t unprecedented to have countries living in disconnection and uninformed about the presence of the tower.

Just Irregulars are absolved from the agreement. Jahad hit with the Tower Guardians that made him interminable. Subsequently, just an Irregular can kill Jahad. This reality plays an important part in the plot of the Tower of God.

Star Power

The voice artists worked hard to fulfill the characters. The characters gave justice through their voices.

Overall Opinion

This anime was adapted from the manhwa. Intriguingly, it makes you keep hooked to the show. The viewers will love it. If you are a new anime viewer, you can give it a try.