Anime Review: Summertime Render




Anime Digest

This spine-chiller anime looks quite intense and engaging. Shinpei, heterochromatin, returns to his hometown to be present at the funeral of his childhood friend named Ushio Kofune. Everyone believed that Ushio had drowned while trying to save Shiori, but this nail-biting anime takes a turn when Shinpei becomes acquainted with a mark on Ushio’s neck, which he finds pretty strange. From where did Ushio get that mark? Will Shinpei solve the mystery or not? Find it out yourself.

The Feel-Good Part

This anime is a shocker with outstanding animations. This series is an electrifying anime which is good tidings for you if you love Thrillers. Shinpei got shot once, and the anime could have easily ended up there itself, but instead, he survives, and a new challenge is waiting for him on the shores. If you are a fan of thrilling mystery murder, then this drama is meant for you. There are exciting twists in the story that keeps its spirit alive.

The Disappointing factor

The animations are good, though, but they could have been better.

In-Depth Analysis

Want to watch a crime thriller anime? This one’s for you. Summer time rendering is a supernatural thrilling Japanese Manga series, a reconciliation of Yasuki Tanaka’s 13-volume Manga series. It has one of the best storylines and animation.  Shinpei lived with Ushio in his childhood, who is dead now. Everyone in his hometown said that there is a shadow who kills everyone who kills Shinpei several times also. But he keeps his body and soul together and is sent back to time every time but not at the exact moment as he was before. It is a time-leaping drama which makes it more refreshing to watch.

Star Power

The cast of this drama is engaging and understandable to its audience. The form of characters is also exceptional in this drama. Shinpei is as careful as his name(shin means ‘careful’). Mio Kofune, sister of Ushio, is also a vital part of the drama. Although Ushio is dead in the theatre, she is the soul of the drama. Other casts have also given justice to their roles.

Overall Opinion

Summertime Render is a worth watching experience, having few plot holes between the chapters. It shows a bit of romance between Ushio and Shinpei also. There is also a bit of romance shown between Mio and Shinpei, but if you expect it to be loaded with flirtation then you are wrong.