Anime Review: Sol Levante




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The story starts with a young female warrior. She has been searching for sacred places to accomplish her wishes. She wants to take her associates to that place. But she cannot make the ancient guardian and the spirits angry with her. Will she be able to do that? Watch the anime to know how it happens further.

The Feel-Good Part

The visual is too good to watch. It is a 4K Hd animation. Every portraiture of the avatars is excellent. The background music has well blended with the characters.

The two different worlds has perfectly shown in the anime. The fire,  wind, spirits looks pretty different from each other. The spirits, and the guardians have various features. The art on the eye of the girl is so aesthetic. The color soothes people’s eyes.

The Disappointing Factor

The anime has no voice or any conversation. It is too short and people cannot connect to this anime. People cannot understand when it starts and when its ends. The audience might not understand the meaning of it.

In-Depth Analysis

Sol Levante is a first hand-drawn 4K animation. 4K animation must be more colorful and more extensive than the other animes. Sol Levante is one of these animations. It produces by the IG Production house, and now it streaming on Netflix. People can watch it in 4K Dolby Vision and Atmos.

Star Power

The makers are the star power of the show. The artists who have drawn the anime characters are incredibly talented. Every avatar’s visual is on another level. The blending of the color is outstanding.

The makers did a great job while making it. Sol Levante was made by only a team of six persons. They faced so many troubles during this making, and after two years, it was entirely released as a 4min short series.

Overall Opinion

This anime is a good watch. It has only one episode of 4minutes. People can watch it anytime. It is pretty different from the other anime series. You may love it.