Anime Review: Microphone Soul spinners: Kotodama Shoujo




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In the competitive world, who do you root for? And what do people do to win the game of life?

In Holy Hierarchy Academy, the best all-girls school, four under-achievers aim to win a battle and hope to use it to climb up the ladder.

In Holy Hierarchy Academy, the girls are trained to be super-achievers. Here, the top girls have the power as they have access to a unique beverage called the Hierar Milk, extracted from a mythical bovine. One drop of this drink makes the person a go-getter.

Four under-achievers, at the bottom of the hierarchy aim to win the rap battle so that they possess the drink. This will help them get to the top in the academy.

The series is all their journey and if they make it to the top.

The Feel Good Part

The animation and visuals are fabulous.

The Disappointing Factor

The script is routine wherein the lesser known and lesser popular girls take on the clique.

In-Depth Analysis

The series is about the under-achievers versus the popular students. We have all either been or known the characters and it resonates with us. When the under-achievers take on the popular girls, it shows the divide between the haves and the have nots and stress of a being in a competitive world.

While we might take sides, it still makes us cheer for the under-achievers.

Star Power

It is an anime, so the star is the animation

Overall Opinion

Treat for all anime fans.