Anime Review: Honzuki No Gekokujou Shisho Ni Naru Tame Ni Wa Shudan Wo Erandeiraremasen 2nd Season

Also Knowns As: Ascendance Of A Bookworm Part 2



Anime Digest

Myne has discovered that her issue with The Devouring is actually a blessing to the Church, and that she can be saved from it by becoming a member of the Church, so she goes to work as a fledgling blue robe-wearer at the Cathedral. She will have to learn new responsibilities and obligations as well as how to take advantage of new chances while she is there.

The Feel-Good Part

The series continues to be focused on the characters and is self-contained. Its story isn’t excessively grandiose, instead focusing on how the tiny things we do may have a big impact on those around us.

The Disappointing Factor

The anime has a hollow feel to it, and there is some missing material that I’m not sure if it’s due to censoring or simply too fast story development to adequately develop some of the supporting characters.

In-Depth Analysis

When Myne hears that the Holy Church requires mana for its relics, she sees this as an opportunity to be healed of her life-threatening mana problem. She dives headlong into the Church’s embrace after discovering their vast library and asks to join their order. Despite being a commoner, Myne is awarded the blue robe of a noble-born apprentice priestess in exchange for her service and exceptionally abundant supply of mana. All this talk of mana and aristocracy is meaningless to Myne now that she has access to an endless supply of books!

As Myne adjusts to her new life in this new society, she quickly discovers that accomplishing her dream has come at a high price. Noble society is strict, harsh, and driven by politics and neglect. She now has to contend with a class dispute between the noble-born blue robes and the frequently grey robes, as well as the High Priest’s attempts to overthrow her and her new retainers’ continual misbehavior. Myne attempts to overcome these difficulties with the support of her family, friends, and the mysterious Head Priest, whose allegiance and purposes are unknown, and to continue on her journey to becoming her ideal self—the perfect librarian!

Star Power

Bookworm keeps each character’s major drive from totally defining them as a person. Characters are distinct personalities, and the fact that such a large ensemble was treated with respect pushes this achievement to the next level. Bookworm is an anime for you if you enjoy well-developed characters with distinct personalities and motivations.

Overall Opinion

You’ll like the laid-back approach that this series takes, and you’ll enjoy every episode. Thanks to Aijia-fantastic Do’s art, the setting is lush and gorgeous, and the direction remains excellent. If you liked Bookworm I, you’ll enjoy Bookworm II even more. If you’re new to the series and want to give it a try, I strongly advise you to do so.