Anime Review: Azur Lane: Slow ahead




Anime Digest

The show follows the lives of Ayanami, Javelin, Laffey, and Z23, which shows the everyday lives of these girls. It is a lighthearted and heartwarming show. It doesn’t fight any evil or go through any rough circumstances, it is just about those extraordinary girls living their normal life outside of the game. The show gives a peek into what the personalities of these girls are like, which is fantastic by the way. They have an outstanding friendship and love for each other.

The Feel-Good Part

The whole show felt good. And it should have more than twelve episodes. It is an uplifting and satisfying anime that just touches your soul. It is good to watch a show like this after a series of high-action-packed, stirring anime, or you can just watch it because it is just that good.

The Disappointing Factor

There is no such disappointing factor in the show. It’s just that it ended, and it should have more episodes so that people can binge-watch it after a bad day or just watch it to feel good.

In-Depth Analysis

The show is about Ayanami, Javelin, Laffey, and Z23. It shows their normal everyday life. This was actually a game that turned into an anime with just twelve episodes each of eight minutes that showed their lives outside of the game. The anime feels like they have all taken a break from the game and are just enjoying themselves. It is a short and sweet slice of life anime with no melodrama or anything over the top. It just follows their daily life. There are no villains they have to defeat or no people to save; it is just enjoying your life. It is a great experience to get a dive into the lives of these girls and get to know them as people and what they do in their daily lives, even though none of it is real. It is a lighthearted show; you can watch it just for the fun of it and it is a heartwarming show because it is just so good to watch them enjoy their lives to the fullest and how fantastic their friendship is. All the characters get their own time for their development, which is awesome in all the ways possible, and they even meet other characters along the way. Another thing is the animation. It is solid. In other words, it is just to the point. The sound is also good, nothing too much, but just something you can enjoy while starting an episode and at the end. Everything is straight-up perfect.

Star Power

All the characters are perfect. They all have a very different personalities, but they all fit like they were made for each other. The characters are a very strong point of this anime and they do not disappoint.

Overall Opinion

Overall, the anime is really good, and it is just twelve episodes with eight minutes per episode, so it doesn’t even take that much time to complete it. just go and watch it because you don’t need a reason to feel good.